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Radon Service Plan

For eligible participants, the RMS Radon Service Plan provides a way to ease radon worries.  Participants will recieve a long-term alpha track radon detector from REM, a leading independent radon laboratory.  The alpha track radon detector will test the level of radon within the home.  If the radon test results are above the EPA's recommended action level of 4pCi/L, RMS will arrange to install a radon mitigation system in your home at no additional cost.  That's a potenital $1,000 value!  Best of all, the service plan transfers to anyone who buys the home.  Think about the value this will add to the property.

PLEASE NOTE: The RMS Radon Service Plan does not include a radon mitigation system if your home already has a system installed or if structural renovations have been made to your home during the coverage period.

Confirmed participants in the RMS Radon Service Plan will receive the following:

  • Coverage certificate (transferable)
  • AT-100 Alpha Track Radon Detector (shown on right)
  • Friendly reminder after 11 months to return the detector
  • Certified laboratory analysis and results
  • Fully installed radon mitigation system if test results are greater then 4pCi/L
  • Offer to extend Radon Service Plan for another year (at additional charge)
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Important Notice:  Eligibility to participate in the Radon Service Plan is limited and will be determined by RMS Management on a case by case basis.