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Radon Reduction Program

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As a participant in the RMS Radon Reduction Program you will receive:

  • A free long-term radon test kit with instructions on how to test your home for airborne radon gas.

  • A free lab analysis of the radon test kit conducted by a certified lab with the test results mailed directly to you.

In addition, should your home’s radon level exceed the government action level (currently 4.0 picocuries per liter  (4.0 pCi/L) in the United States and 800 becquerels per cubic meter (800 Bq/m3) in Canada), RMS will at no cost to you...

  • arrange for a qualified radon mitigation contractor evaluation of your home to determine the best means of lowering the airborne radon to below the action level,

  • work closely with you and the radon mitigation contractor to develop a radon mitigation plan,

  • after your approval the contractor will install the radon mitigation system,

  • following installation of the radon mitigation system, a post-mitigation radon test is provided to ensure the system has lowered the radon in the air below the government action level. 

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The "Radon Reduction Program" is available to authorized homebuyers during the first year after closing on the property, provided the homebuyer has returned an executed service agreement to RMS and completed an EPA approved radon test within this first year.  For more information contact Radon Management Services.