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Active Sub-slab Depressurization System

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Any house with a concrete slab floor on the lowest level (basement or first floor) where the primary radon source is below the house (virtually all houses with elevated radon).

A negative pressure field is created below the slab preventing the entry of radon gas into the house.

One or more penetrations are made in the slab and a small pit is created beneath each penetration. PVC duct pipe is connected to the slab penetration(s) and is routed to the suction side of the Fan. PVC pipe is then connected to the pressure side of the fan and is routed up the side wall of the house to discharge the Radon Gas safely above the roofline. A weatherproof electrical connection with a switch is provided for the fan.

All active soil depressurization and block wall depressurization radon mitigation systems shall include a mechanism to monitor system performance and warn of system failure. The mechanism shall be simple to read or interpret and be located where it is easily seen or heard by building occupants and protected from damage or destruction.

Mechanical radon mitigation system monitors, such as manometer type pressure gauges, shall be clearly marked to indicate the range or zone of pressure readings that existed when the system was initially activated.


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